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Blog: Why Streaming Numbers Are Important - Spotify For Artists

The evolving music landscape has also shifted artists' priorities and focuses. Most of them are not paid by records sold, but based on the number of streams their songs accrue. In this new model, a stream is counted when a listener engages with a song for a minimum of 30 seconds or more.

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Artists are adjusting their release strategies based on this requirement, by e.g. releasing singles instead of albums, making shorter songs (with some lasting just over 30 seconds!), and expanding their tracklists. 

While in the ‘old days’ you would go to a record store and buy a vinyl or CD of your favorite band, the rise of digital streaming platforms (DSPs for short) such as Spotify For Artists  in the last decade has transformed the way most people consume music.

These are just a couple of examples why streaming numbers are becoming more and more important. Below, I will lay out several reasons why this is the case, and there might be a couple reasons you would not know of or expect.

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