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How To Solve 5 Blogging Mistakes On Social Media For Bloggers. 

1. Cold pitching me services. 

A bunch of freelancers messaged me asking if I needed a writer. This is a waste of their time and energy because I have not needed a writer in 15 years....nor will I need one for the next 15 years. 

There is nothing on my profiles suggesting that I need a writer. Build a freelance writing blog to attract clients to you passively.

2. Posting on Facebook Groups

Brokers posting to Facebook Groups saying that they "need" to get links on specific blogs. Yeah....you need the blog and so do 500,000 other bloggers. 

If getting links on high quality blogs were as easy as saying "I need a link on this blog", then, high level bloggers gave their blog away, for backlinks, all bloggers would be multi-millionaires. 

All blogs and backlinks given away easily are utterly worthless. Getting high quality backlinks requires 1000's of hours of mindful, generous, trusting service. 

Publish detailed, long form, targeted blog posts and guest posts that move you higher in circles and position you to place links on reputable blogs.

3. Google and AdSense idolatry. 

For whatever reason, most blogger's minds are so deeply asleep that the millions of other ways to drive traffic and generate income disappear completely the moment a pro advises one to drive Google traffic and generate income through AdSense. 

Google is one of millions of traffic sources. AdSense is one of millions of blogging income channels. 

If Google traffic doesn't seem to flow to your blog just work the other channels that billions of human beings use. If your AdSense yields pennies, just open other income channels from the millions out there. This ain't rocket science, folks. Blogging ain't brain surgery.

4. AI punishment. 

I have been warning you for many months - with many blog posts on my blog - that using AI to "write" content is lying to human readers and Google and that human readers, and Google, will eventually punish you and your blog by ignoring it when the AI bots come home to roost. 

Now I'm seeing dozens of panicked AI bloggers complaining about their traffic disappearing. I've seen many boom-bust cycles perpetuated my greedy, desperate bloggers for 15 years now; ain't nothing new under the sun, folks. Either trust 15 year's worth of blogging experience or punish yourself by blogging with AI; take or leave my advice....but I *did* tell you so in very clear, blunt fashion. DO YOUR OWN WRITING. 

Your mind is far more powerful than artificial intelligence; you, my friends, possess ACTUAL intelligence. Why rely on chintzy artificial intelligence when you own the Real McCoy?

I *will* rattle your blogging cage but always to help you thrive.  

The first step to becoming a successful blogger is usually admitting and owning what you're doing to be an unsuccessful blogger.

It's dirty work, guys, but ya gotta do it if you want to taste sweet blogging success.

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