Nigeria Female Artist Bvoca Advice Other Musicians On Professionalism

Nigeria Female Artist Bvoca

Nigeria Female Artist Bvoca Advice Other Musicians On Professionalism.

Professionalism does not start from one day.

You see an up and coming act on stage and you are quick to criticize there stage performance.

Common you think even the top dawgs did not have there bad days.

Now personally let me point out few things that might trigger an artist vocal texture (few out of this happened to me and still happening ).

1.Early morning sickness

waking up with sore throat and cough the day of the performance ruins alot of things you see yourself struggling not to flop at the end you loose it all.

2.Anger management

Getting pissed off on stage while trying to keep your cool together(either the dj decides to speed up your jam or tell you they cannot find the song) this triggers your emotions and takes you off balance,not everyone can bounce back in a flash.

3.No vocal monitors/detectors 

till you get to the big stage there are no vocal detectors(the earpiece thing you see celebrities putting on)it helps moderate your sound either you have someone on the other side telling you,you are sounding off,or you are listening to yourself and can easily figure out the problem.

4.Technical difficulties

the microphone can also be toned few sound men forget this stuff and you see yourself sounding deeper than usual now you end up struggling thinking its from you but no someone forgot to do there duties .

5.Bad speakers

The more horrible the speakers are the more your struggles,reasons few people just put off the mic and lip sync but there is no fun in that.

6.Audio quality 

Some dj’s are fond of “send it through WhatsApp I don’t want your flash corrupting my system “,they will not download it as document rather as audio hence reducing the quality,leaving you on stage to struggle.

7.Zero rehearsal 

Having that feeling its your song,you cant go wrong then inbetween your performance you forget your lyrics.

8.Lack of exercise 

I’m guilty of this one

Not exercising regularly is one bad habit most of us keep,well this is because some of us are yet to take the 

Music thing as a full time job,

Which is no excuse because everyone needs to stay fit regardless,exercise aids your breath control,facing the crowd is energy draining already,then you buss in one or two moves and your vocal texture is on yabaleft finding conductor,stay fit and watch it turn out beautifully.

I hope you find this helpful do well to share .

Dont steal and not give credit!

@Bvoca ✍️

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