Music Review: About Opp Remix - Moreno

Music Review,About Opp Remix - Moreno

Opp is a song by Moreno, released on 2023-07-18. It is track number 7 in the album Fear. Opp has a BPM/tempo of 129 beats per minute, is in the key of A# min and has a duration of 4 minutes, 1 second.

Opp is currently not very popular on Spotify, being rated in the bottom 10% of songs popular on Spotify right now, is pretty averagely energetic and is extremely easy to dance to.

Name: Opp Remix
Artist(s): Moreno, King Hansom
Album: Fear
Release Date: 18th July 2023
ISRC: SE6A92140483
Key: A# min
Tempo: 129
Loudness (db): -8.86db
Length: 04:01
Track Number: 7 of 20
Explicit: Yes

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