How to Write Spotify Playlist Pitch 2023


How to Write Spotify Playlist Pitch 2023 - Spotify For Artist

When you upload your music to music services, you need to provide a compelling pitch that sells your music. The pitch should be brief and to the point, highlighting what makes your music unique. Start with an attention-grabbing hook, and then describe your music’s genre, mood, and any notable features like live instrumentation, lyrics, or production. Make sure you show you’ve done your homework on the digital music services you’re asking to help distribute your music—getting details wrong, especially things like submitting your new album to the wrong playlist, is a bad look it’s hard to come back from.

Any appearances in music news should be noted here. Creators who’ve signed with a major record label will be competing for the same space as unsigned artists on these music platforms, so independent artists have got to use any promotional advantage they can. New artists needn’t give up hope, though. Existing listeners aren’t the only way to get your music heard.

Make sure your pitch is tailored to the playlist you’re submitting to. If you’re submitting to a hip-hop playlist, focus on your lyrics and beats. If you’re submitting to a classical music playlist, highlight your compositions. If you’re an indie artist, highlight your songwriting. If you’re a producer, mention your mastering… you get the idea.

Be specific and avoid vague clich├ęs like catchy or uplifting when you upload music for curation—they’ve seen these words a thousand times. You can also include any previous achievements or accolades, like chart positions or awards. However, don’t overdo it. Keep it relevant and concise.

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