How to Use YouTube Shorts For Music Promotion 2023

How to Use YouTube Shorts For Music Promotion 2023

YouTube Shorts can be used for music promotion by taking advantage of the format to captivate the attention of YouTube users. The type of content that may work for a longer YouTube video may not work for a Short. Shorts are an ideal format to create teasers and previews of upcoming music releases, showcase snippets of live performances, or jump on trending challenges. 

YouTube Shorts offer a range of creative tools and features to enhance the content of your video. Users can add songs to their Short, apply filters and effects, and utilize features like speed controls and timers. The vertical format of Shorts is optimized for mobile viewing, which makes it easy for artists to create videos directly on their phones!

YouTube Shorts have their own dedicated section within the YouTube app, making it convenient for people to discover new videos to watch and thus, new channels to follow. The Shorts section showcases a feed of vertical videos from various creators, providing a seamless and immersive experience for viewers.

Your goal is to captivate the viewers attention within the first 3 seconds! Create content that will entice them to go to your channel and even more so, subscribe. By being consistent with your uploads, you can grow your community and invite fans to listen to your music online or watch your music videos

Nowadays, there is a lot of crossover between all the social networks, music streaming services included, and artists can really benefit from having a strong presence across the board. Not every social network has the same audience, so you need to find the one that is right for you and go all in! Maybe YouTube Shorts will be the place you find the most listeners.

Important: If you want to be able to add your own music to your YouTube Short, you need to make sure that your digital music distributor has made it available to YouTube music.

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