Hip Hop Artist JkashMurkum Celebrates His International Exclusive Release “Success Calling”

Jkashmurkum Success Calling

Hip Hop Artist JkashMurkum Celebrates His International Exclusive Release “Success Calling

In a world where many chase success, JkashMurkum has crafted an anthem that declares success is within reach for those who believe. His latest single, “Success Calling,” a collaboration with WF Coolfaze, is making waves internationally and is available on all streaming platforms.

“Success Calling” is more than just an Afropop track; it’s a testament to faith, determination, and the unwavering belief in one’s destiny. The song narrates JkashMurkum and WF Coolfaze’s journey from their humble beginnings to the realization of their musical dreams. It’s a powerful blend of real-life experiences and spiritual growth, reflecting their relentless faith and hard work.

JkashMurkum’s message resonates with many: “I want this song to make everybody realize their self-worth. There is a boss in every single one of us, and you can make this dream come true. You just have to figure out how to bring it out of yourself. We found our path through meditation and God.”

JkashMurkum GMG
Hailing from the streets of Oxnard, California, JkashMurkum is the dynamic founder of Get Money Gang (GMG), an independent rap movement dedicated to preserving the essence of real rap. Within a year of releasing music on all platforms, JkashMurkum has captured the attention of promoters and producers globally. GMG’s mission goes beyond fame; it’s about ensuring that authentic rap music is heard and appreciated.

“Success Calling” represents the Nigeria chapter of GMG, marking an international exclusive release aimed at inspiring and uplifting listeners. It’s a reminder that despite the struggles, success is always within reach.

In JkashMurkum’s own words, “I just want to take a moment to thank you for listening to ‘Success Calling’ and for getting to know me as an artist. I can’t express enough gratitude towards the people who stream my music regularly, but I am forever appreciative. Have a blessed day, and don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe to my social media platforms for more fire content. We drop new music once a week here at GMG!”

“Success Calling” is now streaming on all major platforms. Don’t miss out on this inspiring anthem that’s set to make a global impact. Listen, share, and let the journey of JkashMurkum and WF Coolfaze motivate you to reach for your own success.

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