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How Spotify MetaData Works And Why It's Important.

Now that we've walked you through the pitching process in our previous video, it's important to explain why you should care about all of these fields and how crucial the information accuracy is.

All that information Spotify asks you to fill is there for a reason. Each input field, string, and checkbox. All of your track metadata gets bundled together and goes into the editor's database/back-end (not sure what else to call it). It's that database that they query or hop on whenever possible. 

Besides checking the queue, editors can query and request tracks with specific features. 

Imagine someone wanting to add a lo-fi house with sax to their editorial playlist? The way to do this is to filter based on those characteristics and if your metadata is incomplete you might ruin your chance of getting heard.

Editors can also put notes or label tracks which they like, but find not suitable for their particular playlist, so all of this comes in handy. 

The goal of the metadata is to make their research work easier and more accurate and it's on you to provide the right description of your sonic creation. 

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