Music Review: About Tell Me - DjMondo

Music Review

Alaile Monday Oluwaseyi popularly known as DjMondo who is highly regarded as one the best music producer, disco dj & singer of afro-beat and Hip-Hop released Tell Me on 2022-11-01. It is track number 1 in the album Somewhere in OJ City. 

Tell Me - DjMondo has a BPM/tempo of 143 beats per minute, is in the key of G min and has a duration of 2 minutes, 44 seconds.

Tell Me is fairly popular on Spotify, being rated between 10-65% popularity on Spotify right now, is pretty averagely energetic and is extremely easy to dance to.

Name:                                   Tell Me
Artist(s):                                DjMondo
Album:                                  Somewhere in OJ City
Release Date:                      1st November 2022
ISRC:                                   QZNW72218535
Key:                                     G min
Tempo:                                143
Loudness (db):                    -4.88db
Length:                                02:44
Track Number:                    1 of 20
Explicit:                                No

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