Blog: How To Live Your Dreams Through Blogging By Ryan Biddulph

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How To Live Your Dreams Through Blogging By Ryan Biddulph

If you want to live your dreams through blogging, learn closely from people who are living their dreams. Observe them. Follow their advice to live your dreams too.

Doesn't this sound logical? Of course it is, but most human beings do the highly illogical thing of putting bloggers who live their dreams on a pedestal, making excuses as to why they can't live their dreams, being jealous or envious of these inspired people, or simply believing that they are lucky, blessed, gifted or talented.

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Technically speaking, none of these perspectives are logical or even sane because every human being has the opportunity to make decisions and to move into actions which brings them towards their dreams. There's nobody reading these words that doesn't have a mind, or that cannot move into action. It's just impossible to not have a mind and when you realize that everything happens in the mind and moves from there to feelings and bodily action, you begin to gain confidence that you too can live your dreams.

I'm spending a month house sitting on one of the most beautiful islands in the world in Thailand. The homeowners built their dream resort home and we're getting to watch five cute dogs in this tropical paradise.

I made a series of life and blogging decisions to get here. Each decision moved me into certain actions. Every single person reading these words can make the same decisions and move into the same actions. It's illogical to think that you can't think or you can act. It doesn't make any sense.

My decisions and actions didn't happen because I was lucky, or because I was gifted or talented or blessed or natural. I just chose to do certain things and here I am.

I guide bloggers to do the same exact thing but it is 100% up to you to closely follow my guidance in order to live your dreams.

Please do not look at me like I'm an alien species. Nor should you think that I'm luckier or had some special breaks. If you understood the decisions I made and fears I faced to get here, you would not be so quick to trade your life for mine because most people reading these words would be absolutely horrified to leave their old life behind, including their jobs, paycheck, benefits and family relationships as far as having close bodily proximity with your blood relatives.

I literally teach you how to get through these fears so you too can live your dreams. You'll have to do it. There's no way you can hold on to living in survival mode and live your dreams. The two are not compatible. You have to let go in order to move forward.

This is what I do. I inspire people to live their dream life through blogging. You can do it. But it is your decision to follow me. You have free will. 

Take or leave my advice. I figured out long ago that when you don't need anybody in terms of the world, you will align with everybody who appreciates your vision and collectively this tribe helps each other live their dreams.

You can and will live your dreams through blogging if you start right now. It's time. Don't delay. Don't cower to fear. Don't cower to discomfort. Go for it. You can do it and you will do it.

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