7 Recommended Ways To Take Care of Your Mental Health As An Artists

Mental Health As An Artists, DJ Cuppy

Artists, take care of your MENTAL HEALTH

Hello everyone!

Do you sometimes feel a little down or a little unmotivated?

Today we just wanted to give you strength
And try to support you as best we can in those slightly less easy moments
Because mental health is put to the test when you’re an artist!

For those days when your courage gets the better of you, here are our 7 recommended ways to take care of your mental health as an artists.

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1. Get enough sleep
2. Clear my head and don’t compare myself to others
3. Work, set goals and see progress
4. Not isolating myself, and asking for help if needed
5. Accept feedback and don’t take it personally
6. Actively seek opportunities: nothing ventured, nothing gained.
7. Get back to basics: why do I love making music?

Keep this list close to you and pull it out whenever you feel the need! There’s bound to be one or more points where you’ve been off the mark recently, and identifying that will feel good .

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